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20/20 West Side Eye Care offers an array of services to protect your eye health. These services include vision exams, eye glasses and contacts.

Eye Exams in Buffalo, NY & Niagara Falls, NY

Our local optometrist suggests having regular eye exams. Regular exams help protect your eye health and rule out any conditions that may be forming within the eye. The eye doctor will perform the vision exam and afterward will give you a prescription based on your result. Glasses and contact lenses are offered to help you with your vision. If you have any eye conditions or questions for the doctor, call us today!
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If you are in the market for a new set of eyeglass frames or prescription glasses, we have a wide variety to choose from with a range of many different styles, frames and colors. Do you have a child who plays many sports but also requires glasses? We also have a great selection of contact lensesWhether you are young, old or anywhere in between, 20/20 West Side Eye Care and Niagara Falls Eye Care can provide you with the eye care that you need! 

Review the following comment from a 20/20 West Side Eye Care client:

“The office is very modern, clean and comfortable. The staff is very professional, yet warm. My husband and I travel from Williamsville to have our eyes examined here and purchase any necessary eyewear. I have brought my young children here and they were very comfortable. My parents and my in laws all have their eyes examined here. Parking is easy and I would recommend this office to anyone. Five stars!” - Barb, 20/20 West Side Eye Care Client

Eye Care Tips

Our eye doctors want to keep your eyes healthy now and in the long run. If you want some great tips for healthy eyes, check out our eye care tips today. Click here to find out more!

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