Contact Lenses



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Did you know that millions of people wear contact lenses? If you're looking at someone, it's almost impossible to tell that they are wearing contact lenses. Here at 20/20 West Side Eye Care, we provide contact lenses for all interested clients. Soft contact lenses are thin, curved lenses that are placed on the surface of your eye, also known as the tear layer. Contact lenses are slightly tinted to make it easier for the wearer.

If you're thinking about wearing contacts, even cosmetically, it's important to talk to your eye doctor. All contacts, both cosmetic and medical, require a prescription. You'll need to stop in for an eye exam and go over the contact lenses procedure with our doctors.


Talk to our eye doctors to learn if contact lenses are right for you!

Are you having trouble deciding whether or not you want contact lenses? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, however, it all comes down to your lifestyle, habits, and personal choice. Contact lenses are less cumbersome than prescription glasses, they won't deter you from playing sports or exercises, and they don't provide any peripheral obstruction since they conform to your eye. However, contact lenses can cause dry eye syndrome, you are more likely to develop eye infections if you don't keep up with proper care, and you may have an increased risk of computer vision syndrome.

If you're having trouble deciding between contact lenses and prescription glasses, consult our eye doctors at 20/20 West Side Eye Care in Buffalo, NY. We look forward to serving you.

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