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Our Vision

 Our vision :  To be the premier optometric service provider in the Buffalo region by offering great professional care in a friendly, comfortable environment. 

Our Goals

·         To always have the patient come first.

·         To treat every patient like family and/or friends.

·         To make sure every patient understands their vision and                               their vision needs.

·         To use insurance in the most optimal way to best benefit                              the patient.

·         To use the best quality materials in every pair of glasses.

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When to call your eye doctor

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·         Any sudden changes in your vision 

·         Blurred, hazy, or double vision

·         Color changes in your iris

·         Extreme sensitivity to light or glares

·         Eye pain, whether severe and sudden, or recurrent around your eyes

·         Having the feeling one of your eyes is "a cup filling up with ink"

·         Heavy discharge, accompanied by itching or burning

·         Seeing rainbows, halos, "spider webs", a darkening over one eye, flashes of light, or bright floating spots

·         Swollen or red eyes

·         White spots or areas in your pupils

Call for an appointment

Visit Us At:
324 West Ferry Street
Buffao, NY 14213
Fax   716-8834764
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